Subject:      Volleyball, chickens, and roads, oh my...
From: (L. Ravi Narasimhan)
Date:         1997/03/17

A popular item in email jokelists these days is a set of answers to
the age-old question of "Why did the chicken cross the road."  The
answers are ostensibly those given by everyone from Andersen
Consulting to Zeno.  No one from the volleyball community was included
in the list.  This is an effort to  remedy that situation.

                "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Ruben Acosta: The television money was too good to pass up

Doug Beal: NVL rules will allow a backrow chicken to cross at any time
without notification in order to speed up the game, making it more
attractive to a younger audience and advertisers

John Kessel: There was broad grassroots support for a move across the
road where the facilities for growing and developing the chicken could
be consolidated with those for developing all forms of poultry and livestock

Tom Jack:  -->

Sunderland: I can't believe you stood there and allowed that chicken
to cross the road! 
Marlowe: Hey, I got you a gold medal, didn't I?

Fred Sturm: After watching video of the road for twenty straight
hours, it concluded that the odds of a safe crossing were ten million to one

Al Scates: To be on the other side of the blue curtain

Ken Preston: It had the sneaking suspicion that it was being followed

Don Shaw: It knew it wouldn't get any playing time given the recruits
we have coming in

Andy Banachowski:  To chase down a shanked pass

Rolly Keenan: It got frustrated with the lack of game-like practice situations
where it was 

The WPVA: It realized that crossing  the first time was a big
mistake so it came back

The Pro-Fours: It had just been cut by Team Frank Perdue

The AVP:  Look at the doggie!

The NVA: Because Gary Wyma thought the demographics were better on the
other side

                        C !!!!!!!!!!!

Volleyball Magazine: It had read the four-page training article
"Crossing patterns! Playing both sides of the road" in the August '97
issue, available on newsstands now.

Oski: The chart showed that it was likely to cross under those circumstances

Marv Vader:  It had learned the power of the Daaaaaark Side of
the Force 

Andy Read:   Because there were opportunities there, Title IX having
killed all the programs for roosters

Drew Kalapach:  It crossed the road??  My local affiliate was running
an infomercial...

Joe Arkin:  Pushy parents

Rob Peglar:  NAGWS Rule 2867 subpart 3.III.E.4.ii clearly states "No
harm, no fowl" whereas USAV rules will in '98 use the FIVB's wording
in which no comma is present

                                --- Oski
                                    Dead Man's Cuervo
Ravi Narasimhan                         
Dept. of Physics, UCLA